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Compatible with P3dO 2.2 and above


ZipExplorer is a P3dO plugin.

ZipExplorer automatically lists ZIP, CBZ and KMZ archives files content and display them in P3dO thumbnail view and Information tree.


Showing ZIP content

This function does not actually unzip any data, its purpose is solely to display a ZIP content.
Instead of displaying a ZIP icon, ZipExplorer displays each ZIP archive with first picture encountered in the file if any.
ZipExplorer show the first image taking into account the alphabetic and ZIP folder hierarchical order, i.e pictures at the root of the ZIP files are first.

ZipExplorer showing a thumbnail image:

Each time you double-click on an archive file, ZipExplorer will expand its content in P3dO. If you double-click on the ZIP file again the archive is unexpanded.
When a ZIP archive file is clicked ZipExplorer display a thumbnail view of the ZIP archive content with a small ZIP icon for each file. As shown:

The content can show icons, pictures -as above- or 3D files depending on the ability to decode the files formats.
Currently all 3D file formats and pictures are ZIP through viewable with the pro version.

P3dO has a default password (see Options dialog | 3D Render | Other). That default password is applied to all password protected archives encountered.
However since password are not unique (obviously), P3dO will also recognize certain pattern in file name as an archive password.
Edit the file name, enclose the password between ".(" and ").", and P3dO will consider this as the archive password.
My file.(a_passwd).zip
is a ZIP file with "a_passwd" for password.
This is a bit raw and unsecure, but very convenient. A more secured way will be available later.

Unzipping to disk ZipExplorer unzipping capabilities are published by another plugin called ZipInstaller. ZipInstaller is only available with P3dO pro.

Menu & Toolbar

ZipExplorer doesn't add any menu item in your P3dO application.
Instead ZipExplorer plugs into the "Open" command. Thus "Open" on a ZIP will expand that ZIP into P3dO thumbnail view (without unzipping), see above for details.
Note that if you want to open an archive file with your archive utility use the "Open with..." menu command or use the ZipInstaller plugin (with P3dO pro).