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P3DO pro 2.9 R3
P3DO free 2.9 R3
January 21, 2022

P3DO pro 2.9 R3 release candidate
P3DO pro 2.9 R3 beta 2
P3DO pro 2.9 R3 beta 1
December 2021 / January 2022

PoserPython 2.9
May 13, 2021


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JAN 2022 - P3DO Organizer 2.9 R3 Newsletter

ZipInstaller for Daz Studio * PoserPython * Geezer here

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JAN 21, 2022

P3DO 2.9 R3 is available

ZipInstaller for Daz Studio
Scene Manager for Daz Studio
JAN 14, 2022

P3DO 2.9 R3 release candidate

ZipInstaller for Daz Studio
Scene Manager for Daz Studio
DEC 31, 2021

P3DO 2.9 R3 beta 2

File size search
Beta 2 misc and fixes
DEC 17, 2021

P3DO 2.9 R3 beta is here

Zip per model installation
Uncompress models
DEC 9, 2021

P3DO 2.9 R3 beta next week

Zip per model installation
Uncompress models
MAY 13, 2021

PoserPython 2.9

Partial poses
Saving to Poser
MAR 5, 2021

P3DO 2.9 is here

Quick Search
Search history
FEB 26, 2021

P3DO 2.9 release candidate

Quick Search
Search history
FEB 19, 2021

P3DO 2.9 beta

Quick Search
Search history
FEB 12, 2021

P3DO 2.9 alpha

Quick Search
Search history
FEB 5, 2021

Announcing P3DO 2.9

Quick Search
Search history
NOV 11, 2020

Python opener fix for Poser 12

Python opener fix for Poser 12
MAY 21, 2020

P3DO 2.8 R2

Runtime Manager 2.8
Auto expanding Archive
APR 6, 2020

P3DO 2.8

Daz Studio navigation
Favorites navigation
MAR 27, 2020

P3DO pro 2.8 release candidate

Daz Studio navigation
Favorites navigation
MAR 13, 2020

P3DO pro 2.8 beta

Improved search tool

FEB 14, 2020

P3DO PoserPython update

Lights support for the Poser opener

JAN 17, 2020

P3DO 2.7 R2 update

P3DO 2.7 R2 update

DEC 12, 2019

P3DO 2.7 is available

P3DO 2.7 is available

NOV 28, 2019

P3DO 2.7 release candidate

P3DO pro 2.7 release candidate is available

NOV 22, 2019

P3DO 2.7 announcement

P3DO pro 2.7 release candidate next week

SEP 24, 2019

Fix for Poser 11.2

Fix for opening in Poser 11.2

SEP 28, 2018

P3DO 2.6 R2 update

Directory tree fix
P3DO Organizer
AUG 31, 2018

P3DO 2.6 is here

OBJ exporter options
W10 fix
Repository free
AUG 24, 2018

P3DO 2.6 coming soon

OBJ exporter options
W10 fix
Repository free
SEP 22, 2016

P3DO 2.5 is available

Poser Partial Face
DUF Poses viewing
MODO 3D viewing
SEP 15, 2016

P3DO 2.5 coming soon

Poser Partial Face
DUF Poses viewing
MODO 3D viewing
JAN 25, 2013

Partial Faces

PoserPython update
PatternRenamer update
Image2Image update
APR 28, 2012

P3DO 2.4.6

External Runtimes
Open from ZIP
more Open Partial Pose
SEP 22, 2011

Poser 2012 & Daz Studio 4

PoserPython for Poser 2012
Daz Studio 4 DSF support
APR 29, 2011

P3DO pro 2.4.5

Repository preferred views
7-Zip archives support
MAR 25, 2011

Objaction Mover plugin

A new P3DO plugin similar to the Objaction Mover Poser utility
JAN 21, 2011

Open Partial Pose

Select actors before applying a Poser PZ2 Pose or MT5 Material
DEC 26, 2010

Quidam 3D viewer

Quidam QDM viewer
Poser XMP support
NOV 19, 2010

P3DO 2.4 massive update

ZipInstaller 2.4 - Poser dedicated unzipper
Find dialog
Directory Tree - Poser Categories with colored nodes
Poser Categories Popup menu
Enhanced Favorites
Runtime Manager 2.3.3
Pattern Renamer 2.4
OBJ exporter update
3DS Max thumbnails
Anime Studio thumbnails
Alpha channel & RGBA layer switch
DDS, TPL, PXR images formats
EXIF data
NOV 12, 2010

P3DO pro 2.4 beta

2.4 beta now available
P3DO 2.4 & P3DO pro 2.4 next week
OCT 29, 2010

Pattern Renamer 2.4

ZipInstaller 2.4
Pattern Renamer 2.4
SEP 30, 2010

ZipInstaller returns

ZipInstaller 2.3.5
Find dialog update
Pattern Renamer 2.3.5
DDS format update
Poser displacement maps
AUG 26, 2010

Poser Categories visual hint

Poser Categories with colored nodes
ZipInstaller 2.3.4 update
Rsr2Png 2.3.4 update
3DS Max thumbnails
Alpha channel & RGBA layer switch
JUL 30, 2010

ZipInstaller update

ZipInstaller, Poser dedicated unzipper. Automatically fixes paths problems from ZIP.
JUN 25, 2010

P3DO pro 2.3.5

Enhanced Favorites
Enhanced Find
Directory tree update
OBJ exporter update
Anime Studio thumbnails
MAY 28, 2010

Runtime Manager updated

Move Scenes from one Runtime to another
Directory Manager
Scene uninstallation
APR 21, 2010

P3DO 2.3 released

Multi-Runtime search
Runtime manager update
ZIP context menu
APR 15, 2010

P3DO is 10 today !

To celebrate this event limited time offer and 2.3 in a few days
MAR 25, 2010

2.2.8 pro March

Directory Print improved
Search dialog improved
Repository navigation
FEB 26, 2010

2.2.8 pro February

Carrara thumbnails editor
PoserPython: Add to Poser Library button
Option to Stretch thumbs
Updated Metafile viewer
JAN 22, 2010

2.2.8 pro January

Extended Daz Studio support
Wizard helper to configure P3DO for Poser
DEC 26, 2009

P3DO 2.2.8 pro beta

2.2.8 beta Christmas update:
Edit Carrara thumbnails
Librarian update
Extension block in grid
OCT 8, 2009

P3DO 2.2.5 released

Daz Carrara
Daz Hexagon
Rsr2Png auto
DPX/CIN High resolution images
SEP 25, 2009

P3DO for Carrara update

2.2.5 pro beta is now available.
Manage your Carrara models with P3DO (Thumbnails viewing, list of Textures)
SEP 19, 2009

2.2.5 beta next week

2.2.5 will be a special update with exclusive support of Daz's Carrara CAR and CBR formats
AUG 8, 2009

Update for Poser 8

PoserPython has been updated to reflect changes in new Poser release: Poser 8
PoserPython has also been updated to deal with Poser Pro Pack
MAY 30, 2009

P3DO 2.2 is available

2.2 pro is completed.
Last to come is Manage Directory: this function is able to move a complete directory to another Runtime (All Poser files, including Geometries and Textures).
MAY 20, 2009

PoserPython without Prpc

Open files in Poser without using Prpc script

APR 24, 2009

Manage Scene with thumbnails

Awk Manage Scene with thumbnails instead of the icon list. Manage Scene is a plugin that will copy a whole Scene from one Runtime to another).
Also with this update a directory picker for the new Find dialog
APR 10, 2009

P3DO 2.2 with Find dialog

A new find utility similar to Windows XP Search Companion. Fast, smooth, looks for keywords into Poser compressed files (P3DO pro only).
MAR 27, 2009

P3DO 2.2 beta is here with the Repository

This is the first in a series of updates, up to final release in May.
This weeks update is presenting the new Repository window and various improvements among which a directory tree fix.
The Repository is a second thumbnail view to host temporary storage, Poser Collections Favorites, compare directories.
MAR 20, 2009

Where is P3DO 2.2 ?

P3DO 2.2 beta is coming soon with the new Repository window and Directory Tree update lag fix.
FEB 13, 2009

P3DO 2.1.1 is available

Extended thumbnails cache
Archives password support
Updates notifier
DEC 19, 2008

P3DO pro 2.1 is available

P3DO pro 2.1 is now available right for the christmas hollydays ;)
2.1 is indeed a smart update.
DEC 13, 2008

P3DO pro 2.1 announcement

Senosoft is pleased to announce the arrival of P3DO pro 2.1.
2.1 is a complementary update to 2.0, and also a christmas gift to our users.
OCT 9, 2008

P3DO 2.0 is available

Both free and pro versions of P3DO 2.0 are available for download.
OCT 3, 2008

P3DO 2.0 is hot

Thumbnails cache
Poser cloths recognition
New 3D animation features
Filter toolbar
GIF animation
DEC 18, 2007

P3DO 1.9.5 Windows Vista update

Just some modifications to cope with Windows Vista and some bug fix that have nothing to do with Vista
OCT 12, 2007

P3DO 1.9.5 is available

Poser Poses animation
Pattern Renamer and PoserPython update
AwkPlugin Manage Scene dialog
Improved PZ3 viewing
DDS image format
BVH with 3D bones
SEP 28, 2007

P3DO pro 1.9.5 beta 2

Great PoserPython update with a brand new Python script menu replicating Poser default scripts.
SEP 15, 2007

P3DO pro 1.9.5 beta available

AwkPlugin Scene Manager copies files from Poser runtime to Poser runtime
BVH viewer now with 3D bones
DDS image format
MAR 30, 2007

P3DO & P3DO pro 1.9.2 available

This one is a great update, with a lot of goodies for P3DO pro.
This update include 2 great addons: 20 new 3D formats and RAR support. And a lot of other great addons according to your preferences: Poser, AW RWX, 3D animation ?
We now have a total of 38 3D file formats which P3DO is able to display !
MAR 16, 2007

P3DO pro 1.9.2 beta available

With 20 new 3D file formats, P3DO is now able to display 38 3D file formats !
Also RAR support has been added, working like the ZIP one : showing thumbnails, ability to zoom a picture and to load a textured 3D file.
FEB 25, 2007

P3DO 1.9.2 thumbnails updater

Update your Poser thumbnails, create missing thumbnails from P3DO renders : as simple as 1 click.
Thumbnails association extended to Poser geometry files and other 3D file formats.
JAN 6, 2007

P3DO 1.9.2 announcement

More than 40 3D file formats supported by P3DO 1.9.2, with Zip through and Rar through (rendering 3d files, including textures, from Zip and Rar).
OCT 18, 2006

P3DO 1.9 Poser plugins pack updated

This is mainly a bug fix update for Rsr2Png plugin (fixes conversion to 24 bits RSR).
Get it from here: Download
SEP 23, 2006

P3DO 1.9 is available

New 3D file formats added to the viewer: 3DS, LWO, COB, DXF, WRL
Ability to convert to OBJ file format
A mass images converter plugin
Librarian plugin
SEP 15, 2006

P3DO 1.9 beta available

P3DO 1.9 beta available
SEP 1, 2006

P3DO 1.9 is coming soon

P3DO 1.9 is coming soon
AUG 15, 2006

Welcome to Librarian !

Librarian is the 14th P3DO plugin and a great one. Librarian will scan your Poser and Daz|Studio runtimes libraries and will report wrong references or missing files.
Librarian has a major advantage it is fast, and I really mean it.
JUL 22, 2006

P3DO pro Librarian plugin

Librarian as the name says is a new wizard like plugin that will help you organize your Poser and Daz|Studio runtime libraries.
JUN 23, 2006

P3DO pro 1.8.4 is here

Now with Poser Poses support, P3DO pro 1.8.4 is completed.
This relase offers many new features.
MAY 26, 2006

P3DO pro 1.8.4 beta 2 with BVH animation

And now with BVH animation. P3DO can claim it is a character animation software.
And so much more.
MAY 2, 2006

P3DO pro 1.8.4 beta 1 is available

Here is the first of our 1.8.4 beta updates:
UV Map viewer
Rsr2Png wizard
Alpha channel preview
Save as function
Extended file associations
Image information dialog
APR 14, 2006

P3DO 1.8.4 anouncement

The 1.8.4 beta will soon be available. This update explore new dimensions:
Alpha Blending
UV Mapping
3D animation
JAN 27, 2006

This is P3DO 1.8 !

The long run from 1.7.8 to 1.8 has come to an end. 1.8 is now available.
Scene Manager
Poser CR2/PZ3 Poses and conforming cloths support
Vue d'esprit 5 thumbnails
Smooth Textures loading
PoserFavorite plugin
Active worlds Renderware 3D format

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