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Get your P3DO pro license

What you get with a license:
Serial Number for P3DO pro - Serials do not expire.
2 years with free updates (automatic updates notification)

After proceeding to checkout the serial will be e-mailed to you.
We do our best to send the key within a few minutes (including during weekends) but it can take as much as 24 hours.

from our Paypal account
from our Renderosity store


You will be redirected to Paypal payment website Renderosity is a major 3D asset store and the editor of Poser.
You will be redirected to the P3DO pro store page at Renderosity marketplace
This is actually 2.8 but whatever the version you purchase there, you will get a license of the lastest version (2.9).

Updates vs Upgrade

P3DO pro updates are freely available from our downloads section.
You are automatically notified when an update is available . You need not enter the key again, simply run the setup.
What we call an upgrade is the process of renewing your key.

Who is elligible for upgrade ?
Those who previously suscribed a P3DO pro key.
Whatever the date of purchase or the version of the key.

When do I need to pay for an upgrade ?
You may do so when your key doesn't allow further updates.
Keys never expire but they are not meant to work on all future versions of P3DO.
When your key is not valid anymore on a given version of P3DO you have 2 solutions:
Purchase a new license with the lower upgrade price - Click the price combo above to apply for that price.
Re-install the previous working version and the key will re-activate itself automatically.

How long will my key last ?
As said above it will never expire, what will expire is the ability to update to a newer version.
Keys are guaranted to offer at least 2 years with free updates. Generally speaking it last much longer but note that 2 years is the official duration.

Need more details ? don't hesitate to contact us.