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May 13, 2021

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March 5, 2021

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March 5, 2021

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May 13, 2021 - PoserPython 2.9

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May 13, 2021 - PoserPython 2.9 update

This page is dedicated to the additions made from 2.9 to 2.9 R3.
2.9 R3 will be available this fall. Compared to 2.9, new content will include:
PoserPython 2.9 update
ZipInstaller 2.9 update
Geezer 2.9. A new plugin to uncompress Poser and Daz Studio files
And as usual some other minor, and not so minor, improvements and fixes.

Get the plugin from the link below and install it over your current P3DO installation:
PoserPython 2.9 plugin for P3DO

Partial poses * Saving to Poser * Python scripting * 3.0 wishing list

PoserPython 2.9 is a massive overhaul of the custom posing plugin. I have been reviewing partial poses, saving to Poser and python scripting. Fixing oddities and improving the existing, especially on partial posing.

Open as Partial pose
With the partial dialog you may use any Poser pose as a partial pose, ignore morphs and use a goto pose as a static pose.
Partial posing is also applicable to Faces, Hands, Materials, Material Collections and Lights. It is invaluable to pose real life looking faces in a matter of seconds.
Partial pose may be called directly from zip files, as simple as: right click, pose it.
2.9 enhancements are:

Partial Faces
A new expression node has been added to the mouth group. It is gathering all Expressions like morphs.
A new ear node has been added to the nose group (the mid face group). For Animals, Elves and other Vulcans I suppose.
Actors are now mixed with morphs in their corresponding easy pose groups. Thus the other node may almost always be unchecked.
Partial Faces has been tested on V4, LaFemme, Pauline, Ryan and all other legacy Poser figures.

Partial Poses
Repeating patterns are now automatically detected and sorted in hierarchical order. This applies to fingers, spine, wings, tails, tentacles, chains, ropes,... numbered actors whatever they are.
Attached Props / hair / INJ poses now have a separate other parent node. This makes it simple to discard these parts.
New context menu command: toggle current without applying to children. Use it to unselect a parent node without applying to the children. For example unselect chest without propagating to the neck and arms.
New context menu commands: toggle siblings above/below. This is some kind of multi-select. It pops up on the end nodes.
Skeleton hierarchy population tested on a great number of Figures. Including V4, Dawn, LaFemme, all legacy Poser figures and the Poser animals. The skeleton hierarchy in PoserPython is automatic, there's no per figure reference. It is supposed to populate a skeleton properly on any figure.

Partial Hands
Hierarchy of fingers related to the thumb has been fixed. The fingers were parented to the thumb making partial hand poses a bit painful.

Partial Materials
Support for Material Collections added. At last (1). Works exaclty like the partial Material.

The Partial Pose dialog is now resizable.

Save to Poser Library
Following the flash Library issue on Poser library I did a review of the "Save to Poser Library" command in order to make sure everything is ok for those using P3DO as a Poser Library Palette alternative.
Sure, it is saving ok but the UI was a bit messy.
Some improvements done, and cleaning of the save as dialog.

Here's a summary on how the Save to Poser Library command works:
Type - automatically takes into account Poser's Use compression option. Because the Python API is expecting a file format compatible with that Poser option.
Include Morph Targets - always shown but only applies to poses (pz2). You may leave it checked/unchecked for other types.
Frames - save a single frame or the whole animation (when applicable).
I have tested saving for all Poser file formats. Then compared saved items to the same item saved with the Poser Library Palette. They are very similar. The Poser Python API saved file are a bit different from the Library Palette saved ones. That difference is minor though, nothing that could alter the integrity of the file.
Saving to Poser from P3DO is a good alternative to Poser Library Palette. I find it more convenient, but it can be a bit disturbing, because P3DO allows to save anywhere.
There is room for more improvements here.

Poser prompt on errors
I also reviewed the python script and fixed the display of Poser messages when an error occur. At last (2).
You will now be prompted for missing files, like the Poser Library Palette does.

PoserPython still wip
Despite this massive update my todo list on PoserPython is still huge.
Among others is the lack of undoing. This will be the top priority for the next update. It was among the goals of 2.9 but unfortunately I couldn't find a solution to this issue. I have to contact Poser support to get some help here.
In the worst scenario I have a not too bad workaround in mind.

ZipInstaller update in June or July
The next update for 2.9 R3 is the unzipper plugin for Poser, another favorite of mine: ZipInstaller.
Brand new unzipping features for Poser ahead.
And with unzipping for Daz Studio :)
ZipInstaller 2.9 will be available at the end of June or early July.

3.0 wishing list
A new C++ modern compiler with a killer UI framework has arrived in March. The work on 3.0 will start this summer.
The plan for 3.0 is:
Similar UI. The various views will stay where they are.
Tabbed system allowing several thumbnails views/libraries at a time.
Same tabbed system for the Repository views. Repository views may be docked independently.
Toolbar buttons for each tool/plugin. Easier access to the Poser/Daz Studio tools.
Poser Room like interface for the zoom window instead of the floating window - the preview stay where it is.
Consequently a more capable zoom window for Texture and Photography analysis.
A new 3D engine.
New 3D file formats (including Collada and FBX).
Prepare the software for Unicode and 64 bits (3.2).

The main goal is to have one P3DO instance running. Currently I am using 3 for Poser or Daz Studio. Which is fine, but I would prefer only one.
3.0 doesn't intend to break 2.0. It will look a bit different, I hope better. For those who have been using P3DO, it is a software you will feel familiar with.

This is a good opportunity to change the way some features are working.
As such we need your input on:
what do you like in P3DO ?
what you don't like ?
What you would like to have in the future ?
This will greatly help me on the new version construction work.

Thank you for sending a mail at Your input will be much appreciated.