P3DO Plugins - CopyPath

P3DO Plugins
Compatible with P3dO 2.2 and above


CopyPath is a P3dO plugin.

CopyPath will copy the P3dO's thumbnails file names to the Clipboard.


The CopyPath plugin entry appears in P3dO Explorer's Tools menu.
By clicking on "Copy Location" (Tools menu) the above dialog box is showing with the following options:

Selected files | All files Select the files you want to be copied to the Clipboard.
Filter A user defined filter to apply the clipboard copy to a limited number of matching files.
Any file whose name match the entered text will be processed. Filter can also be a Regular Expression pattern (Read more about Regular Expressions in P3dO's help file "Tips and Tricks" section).

Strip Path Remove the path portion of a fully qualified path and file.
Strip Extension Remove the extension from file name.

(pro) Features

By clicking "Copy Scene Location" (Information Tree/Scene Manager menu) the current 3D scene content is copied to the Clipboard.

The same dialog as described above is showing with the same options.