P3DO Plugins - Skelly

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Compatible with P3dO 2.2 and above


Skelly is a P3dO plugin.

Skelly will generate a P3dO skeleton/Pose template from currently selected character.

A Pose template file contain a Skeleton. That Skeleton will be used for file formats who contain Pose information but don't have skeletons (like Poser Poses).


Here are step by step instructions on how to generate a Skeleton template and how to use it in P3dO:

  1. P3dO Select a Character or Scene in P3dO's preview Window (let's call it a Scene)
    The Scene must have hierachical information.
  2. Skelly once the character loaded, open Skelly: Files | Export to Skeleton Pose template menu.
  3. Skelly Skelly will show a list of figures belonging to the Scene, select the one you want a template for.
  4. Skelly the full path name for the template appears in the Export as field.
    You may change the template name, but not the location.
  5. Skelly click Export. Your template is ready to use.
  6. P3dO show the Repository (View menu, Other panels).
  7. P3dO click Repository drop down and select Poses Templates.
  8. P3dO the selected template is P3dO's current default. Double-click a template to set as default
  9. P3dO navigate to a Pose folder and click on various Poses. They all use default template skeleton.
- If you are interested in severall figures in one scene you must call Skelly for each of one and give a separate template name for each of it.
- Pose templates have the CR2 extension although they are not valid CR2s. On the contrary a CR2 may be copied to the Poses templates folder and thus become a P3dO Pose template. It is not recommended to do so because CR2s stripped by Skelly will load in a flash while Poser CR2s will require more time.