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Compatible with P3dO 2.2 and above


PoserFavorite scan your Poser runtimes and fills the P3dO Favorites with added/updated shortcuts from your libraries content.

PoserFavorite will :
- create shortcuts to newly created folders or runtimes.
- display a list of dead shortcuts and give you the opportunity to delete them.
- deal with renamed/moved shortcuts on custom Favorite organizition.

Thus PoserFavorite will restore the Poser hierarchy in your P3dO Favorite, with the ability to customize that hierarchy.


The PoserFavorite plugin entry appears in P3dO Explorer's Favorites menu.
By clicking on the PoserFavorite menu the above wizard dialog is showing.

Libraries Select if PoserFavorite should process Poser libraries, then select the level of of detail.
  Root : a single shortcut for to the whole Runtime\Libraries folder (i.e. c:\poser\runtime\libraries).
  Poser Category : a shortcut for each main category (Character, Poses, Cameras,...).
  Subcategories : shortcuts for first subfolder level under each category. The Category will appear as a Folder node in P3dO favorites.
Geometries This is the same as for Libraries except there's no level of detail, there's always one and only shortcut for the Geometry root folder (i.e. c:\poser\runtime\Geometries).
Textures This is the same as for Libraries except there's no level of detail, there's always one and only shortcut for the Textures root folder (i.e. c:\poser\runtime\Textures).
Runtime This is where you select the runtimes. There must be at least one. There's no problem with updating runtimes one at a time, read below.

Ignore other dead shortcuts Not yet implemented.
Ignore removable drives dead shortcuts Not yet implemented.

How to use

PoserFavorite is an updater, this means that once shortcuts have been generated you may manage, rename, move them according to your personnal organization - i.e. make a Vicky Folder with all your Vicky shortcuts in. PoserFavorite will then be able to locate them back and see if they need updating or not (adding newer ones, removing dead ones).

If you change your mind about your Favorite organization (change the libraries level of detail, uncheck Textures,... whatever), PoserFavorite will add to the removal list all the shortcuts corresponding to your previous organization and will generate the new one. You are free to remove the previous shortucts or not.

PoserFavorite will never remove valid shortcuts. Thus you can freely manage your own Favorites organization (outside Poser runtimes) without having PoserFavorites interfere with it.

You need not update all your runtimes at a time, since PoserFavorite is able to maintain a single runtime at a time without modifying other runtimes shortcuts (Ignore other dead shortcuts).

note  PoserFavorite will not interfere with P3dO favorites other than Poser runtimes. You may freely add other shortcuts in the P3dO Favorites without PoserFavorite proposing their removal, except when they are dead.

exemple Below is an exemple organization.
From a PoserFavorite generated Victoria Favorite runtime (image #1), the user created a "Veronica" node (image #2) where he gathered stuff relative to a given character.
Next time PoserFavorite will run, it will not generate : "Vicky/libraries/Face/!Veronica" under "libraries" again (image #1) since it will find it in the other node.
On the contrary if the "Veronica" Figure is removed from Poser runtimes, next PoserFavorite run will remove the "Veronica" node and its content.
#1 #2

btw Having "Veronica" node or any single link duplicated to reflect other organizations is not either a problem for PoserFavorite.