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P3DO pro 2.9 R3
P3DO free 2.9 R3
January 21, 2022

P3DO pro 2.9 R3 release candidate
P3DO pro 2.9 R3 beta 2
P3DO pro 2.9 R3 beta 1
December 2021 / January 2022

PoserPython 2.9
May 13, 2021

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January 21, 2022 - P3DO 2.9 R3

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February 14, 2020 - P3DO PoserPython update

Poser Lights support in P3DO continues with this update of the PoserPython plugin (version 2.8).

Install PoserPython 2.8 from the P3DO Poser plugins pack:
PoserPython 2.8 update

PoserPython 2.8   P3DO 2.8 in April  

PoserPython 2.8 plugin with partial lights support
PoserPython was already able to load lights into Poser. 2.8 adds the ability to select Lights from a LT2/LTZ light set.
That is done with the PoserPython partial pose dialog.
It is similar to Poses, Hands, Faces and Materials: you pick the Lights you want to load.
This is a non destructive loading: the light will be added to the already existing lights set in the Poser scene.

The plugin setup also contains a UI update to Rsr2Png, no internal change to the plugin. I just enlarged the UI to cope with the larger resolutions we have nowadays.

Other updates coming soon
Next week the monthly builds of P3DO with the additions since 2.7 R3. Very few, since I have mostly been working on the plugins this month. I am currently working on fixing the 3D engine: viewport clipping and lightning. Please read more about monthly builds down below.
March 13rd, 2.8 beta
March 27th, 2.8 release candidate
As I previously explained 2.8 has to be available for the 20th anniversary celebration in April. That's the reason why I am speeding things a bit.

January 21, 2020 - Quick information note on P3DO 2.7 R3 update

A wheel mouse scroll issue was detected in thumbnails grid. The scroll was a bit weird, difficult to use.
This was related to an improvement I did on December 31st, so it was not in 2.7.
Fixed and updloaded today.

January 17, 2020 - P3DO 2.7 R2 update

We are pleased to announce that 2.7 R2 is now available. As a continuation update to last December's release.
As promised this version contains Poser additions: lights and cameras have been added to the Poser formats supported.

Download P3DO 2.7 R2

P3DO downloads (only the pro version has been updated)

Poser lights and cameras   Alpha channel fix   DirectX loader fix   Transtations update   Monthly builds   P3DO 2.8

Poser lights and cameras
Lights are explored like any other Poser file. There is a new entry for lights and cameras in the InDepth infromation tree.
The tree shows the lights list with the light type (infinite, spot, point, diffuse IBL, area light) and image references for IBL.
More information to be displayed in 2.8 and in a more suitable way.

Before this, an update to PoserPython partial pose will be published next month. I will add ability to load only one light/spot from a given set into Poser.
note: unfortunately there's no automatic update notification for plugins.

The camera listing is rather basic. Not much to say.

Alpha channel fix
A fix for some alpha channel thumbnails being a bit too transparent :)
I also detected similar issues on Carrara and DDS thumbnails but it rather seems that the thumbnails are indeed ok and the problem lies in the image preview.
This will be fixed with 2.8. If you want a quicker fix please read about the monthly builds below.

DirectX loader fix
The DirectX loader has been updated to cope with an issue when dealing with multiple textures on a given mesh.

Translations update
The German translation has been updated to 2.7 thanks to a generous anonymous person.
The French translation has been updated by myself as well.

Monthly builds in 2020
In order to quickly address issues like the alpha channel one but also to provide the most recent versions, I will publish an update each month.
These version builds will not be announced on this page but on a dedicated page with just raw information on the content and a download link.
In order to get notified for these updates check the "All" button update type in Options dialog > Updates tab as shown beside.
Note that I will also post a message on Twitter. You can follow us there as well.

P3DO 2.8
P3DO 2.8 will be available at the beginning of April. That date is mandatory, there will be no delay.
April is a bit early relative to 2.7 but there is a very special reason for this: it will be P3DO's 20th anniversary.
One cold saturday morning in February 2000 I started working on a project which I called: Poser 3D Object, aka P3DO.

There are 3 goals for 2.8:
celebrate the anniversary
upload to Renderosity marketplace
more stuff

Regarding the 3rd point which is probably the one you are the most interested in. 2.8 goals are:
improving the 3D engine
adding navigation tools among Runtimes
adding search engine result sets
updating ZipInstaller
The rest will depend on the time left, most certainly more stuff on the Poser and DUF formats.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for PoserPython plugin update in February.

December 12, 2019 - P3DO 2.7 is available

P3DO goes another step forward with 2.7 and the growing integration of DAZ Studio assets in its workflow.
P3DO first Daz Studio DUF format support was a Pose viewer with 2.5 in 2016.
This time we went much further and P3DO now shows the DUF assets references the same way it does for Poser.
There's also the usual bunch of improvements and fixes as listed below.

Download P3DO 2.7

P3DO downloads (both free and pro versions)

DUF assets references   Poser 11.2 opener fix   Directory tree fixes   Renaming fixes   WEBP image added   Alpha channeled thumbnails   RAR plugin update

Showing DUF assets references
Lists all files references in a DAZ Studio DUF file the same way it does for Poser.
2.7 shows the DUF references: geometry (DSF, OBJ) and textures and material names as well.
As usual this includes DUF in an archive: ZIP, RAR or 7Z.
At the moment morphs are not listed. This will be added next (2.8).
Unlike Poser there is no 3D viewing for DUF,... yet (not 2.8).
As a first version of the DUF parser some references may be missing, or other stuff. Don't hesitate to report any issue or suggest improvements.
Additions to DUF support will continue with 2.8.

Poser 11.2 opener fix
Poser files could no longer be opened in the new Bondware version of Poser.
Last September's PoserPython plugin fix has been included in the standard poser plugins pack setup.
That fixed plugin version is PoserPython 2.6.

PoserPython is among the most important P3DO plugins. It is able to open from P3DO into Poser and Daz Studio.
Also the partial Pose opener makes every Pose, Material, Hand and Face a partial Pose.
I use it all the time. It fixes some Poses oddities in PZ2, and for FC2 it is an invaluable companion for mixing mouths and brows and eyes. A great P3DO plugin.
Partial opener is for Poser files only.

Directory tree fixes
Several directory tree issues have been fixed. Other improvements are planned for 2.8.
There's also an error message sometimes popping up when renaming a directory. I discovered it lately and it is not crashing. I am working on this issue.

Renaming fixes
PatternRenamer plugin is now able to support mutliple associates (xmp, pmd, tip.png). Please note that when renaming a file the internal references are not renamed (the issue is mainly for PMD references). Just be aware of that.
Fix a renaming issue on DAZ Studio files when several thumbnails are associated (regular and tip).

WEBP image added
A WEBP image decoder has been added. As a standard in P3DO, WEBP images can also be opened from ZIP, RAR and 7Z archives.
WEBP images are widely used by the DAZ3D website to showcase their 3D products. That's the reason why I'am adding that file format.

Alpha channeled thumbnails
Thumbnails are now shown with the alpha channel transparency.
A long time request I am glad to fulfill.

RAR plugin update
Following a user request the Unrar plugin has been updated to support 5.7 RAR format.
Don't hesitate to ask for stuff.

I am hoping the DAZ Studio fans will give me feedback on the newest DUF addition to P3DO.
As for Poser users don't worry I am not doing DUF against Poser. I am doing DUF with Poser. I want P3DO to be at en even level on both software.
Anyway, I am already at work on 2.8 and Poser additions will be published next month.

I wish a Merry Christmas and Happy new year to everyone.

November 28, 2019 - P3DO 2.7 release candidate

This is P3DO pro 2.7 release candidate.
The final 2.7 release (including the free version of P3DO) will be available in 2 weeks.
The release candidate includes all 2.7 features. Those 2 weeks will be used to fix issues if any :)
Suggestions welcome, especially on the new DUF references.

Download P3DO pro 2.7

P3DO pro downloads

P3DO 2.7 features, fixes and news

DUF references parser
Poser 11.2 opener fix
Directory tree fixes
Renaming fixes
WEBP image added
Alpha channeled thumbnails
RAR plugin update

A note for P3DO on Poser and Daz Studio.
That update is mostly focused on Daz Studio. I wanted to explore the DUF file format in depth, and I must say I love that file format potential on a P3DO Organizer point of vue.
Now, as a Daz Studio and Poser user point of vue (which I am too) the goal is to have the same library manager for both softwares.
Thank you for reading. See you in 2 weeks for the 2.7 release.

November 22, 2019 - P3DO 2.7 announcement

P3DO pro 2.7 release candidate will be available next week, November 28th (thanksgiving day).
The final 2.7 release (including the free version of P3DO) will be available 2 weeks later.

What's in P3DO 2.7 ?

DUF references parser
Poser 11.2 opener fix
Directory tree fixes
Renaming fixes
WEBP image added
Alpha channeled thumbnails
RAR plugin update

September 24, 2019 - A fix for opening in Poser 11.2

As you may know Poser has been sold to Bondware (which imho is a very good thing). Bondware has released its second update last week, and this was their first home made build.
The problem is, you can no longer open files from P3DO into Poser with Poser 11.2.
With the help of Cabled, I was able to fix that. This is a quick update of the faulty PoserPython plugin (no update necessary in P3DO itself).

PoserPython fix for Poser 11.2
This is version 2.6 of the plugin. Should work for all versions of P3DO from 2.4.6 to 2.6 and for all versions of Poser, so far.
Download and run the setup:

PoserPython update for Poser 11.2

A word on P3DO 2.7
I will give news of incoming P3DO 2.7 next week.
At the moment I am not satisfied with the number and quality of new features. That's the reason why I am slowing things.
But I am aware that there are guys waiting for the DUF exploration.
So I will speed things and ship asap (in October).